No plans for the weekend? Head to Dubai’s latest board games, books and coffee shop.

Online games, a kindle, or homemade coffee have a vibe of their own, but there is something else about sitting in a group of people you love, playing all your favorite board games with them. Or some contentment with reading your favorite book alongside a fresh cup of coffee. What if you could have it all in a single place?

Kefi is an up-and-coming board game, books, and coffee cafe located in Al Mamzar, Dubai. Packed with over 150 games, a collection of 7,000 books, and over 15 types of specialty coffee, Kefi is sure to bring you the utmost moments of joy. The latest 4-in-1 cafe in Dubai features an area for a fun board games night with friends & family, a co-working space to unwind, and a library for all the book worms! This board games cafe creates the perfect social environment to engage in fun games and a healthy competitive spirit. The vast collection of games suitable for children, teenagers, and even adults is bound to resonate with game lovers from every background. Kefi’s board game collection ranges from a variety of action, adventure, role-play, strategy, card, and puzzle games, and much more. This board games cafe’s friendly game masters and gurus are equipped with ardent knowledge of every available gameplay, so there is no need to worry if you are not a seasoned player! The board game section of Kefi offers a fun way to disconnect from the digital world and spend quality time filled with social interaction.

Kefi offers a wide selection of specialty coffee freshly brewed to perfection. From a hot macchiato to an iced Spanish latte, coffee lovers are bound to keep coming back for more. The menu also includes a range of cold beverages such as mojitos and appetizing freak shakes, helping you satisfy all sweet cravings.

Dubai’s first-ever one-of-a-kind gaming and books cafe indulge in a variety of mouth-watering eatables ranging from delicious beef sliders to everyone’s favorite cheese nachos.

What’s more? Enjoy a collection of over 7,000 books from different genres at Kefi’s library section. This library cafe’s homely and peaceful ambiance in Dubai allows you to let loose and relish your favorite novels. Kefi also has a variety of children-friendly books perfect for the little ones to enjoy some time away from the digital screens. The aesthetic interiors of this board games and books cafe make it the ideal spot to spend a fun night with family, host important work meetings or simply unwind with your choice of book and a fresh cup of coffee. Kefi indeed aims to offer you moments of happiness and is a home away from home.

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