Advantages of library Cafe

There’s a lot of talk about Library Café in Dubai these days. It’s not just because it has really good coffee and delicious pastries, but also because there are so many advantages of library café that you should go and visit! The art f reading is dying slowly, however at Kefi Books and Coffee, there is a major focus on reviving this lost hobby. Reading has so many benefits, but due to the digital era, people no longer seem to be invested enough. Are you on the fence about whether or not to visit a library café? Then here are our top reasons why you must visit Kefi Café- a Library Café in Dubai.

Libraries are convenient

Libraries aren’t just for books anymore. In fact, many libraries have become community centers where people can find information and entertainment in addition to borrowing books.

Libraries are also great places to relax, study and meet new people!

Wide variety of genres to choose from

For a reader, there is nothing more amazing than having a wide selection of genres and books to choose from! At Kefi you will come across books from all genres such as philosophical fiction, crime, manga, romance, graphic novels and much more. With expertly curated collection, you will fall in love with the space; that’s our guarantee!

Access to refreshments

Libraries are a great place for people to work, relax, socialize and learn new things.

For example, Kefi Cafe has a cafe where you can have a cup of coffee or tea while you read a book. This is very convenient if you want some time away from your desk at work but still need access to Internet for research purposes. The library also offers many tasty refreshments for you to relax and unwind after a whole day of study and work.

They serve coffee, tea and snacks

Cafes in libraries are a great place to study. They serve coffee, tea and snacks.

Snacks include cakes, muffins, sandwiches and salads – everything from finger foods to full meals, it is convenient and easy to eat. While reading your favorite books, you will definitely have a great time sipping on your favorite drinks.

The library cafe is open to all ages.

The library café in Dubai  is open to all ages. You can bring your children to enjoy uninterrupted reading sessions. A worthwhile time spent with your children. We have a a wide selection of books curated especially for our young readers.

Helps to increase focus and productivity

The library cafe is a great place to work on your laptop or phone. There are lots of tables and chairs, so you can spread out if you need to. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, with no background music or chatter from other patrons. And best of all, there’s free coffee!

Library café in Dubai has a great atmosphere and decor.

The library cafe has a great atmosphere and decor. It is modern and fun, with bookshelves lining the walls, tables and chairs available to sit at, and comfortable chairs for reading or relaxing in.

You can take selfies with your friends while you’re there!

While you are at the café, you will be able to take some cool selfies with your friends! The interior is absolutely gorgeous and you will want to explore the café. The library cafe is a great place to work on your laptop or phone. It has a great atmosphere and decor, so it feels like home away from home.

Come visit us at Kefi!

The advantages of library café are plenty and that’s why you should consider to come visit us! Kefi Books and Coffee is open to the public from 10Am to 12Am, all days. It’s located at Al Mamzar, Dubai it is an easy find nearby to the beach.

We hope you’ll come visit us at the library cafe! It’s a great place to work on your laptop or phone, and there’s also plenty of space to sit down and read. We have a great atmosphere and decor that will make you feel right at home. If you’re ever in Dubai, don’t forget about our amazing new addition! Our wide selection of books will leave you mesmerized and make you come and visit us again and again- that’s a promise! So when are you visiting us?

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