3 Romance Books To Read At A Library Cafe When You Travel This Summer!

There are so many places to go, things to do and books to read. But sometimes you just need a few hours alone with your favorite characters. What better place for this than a library cafe?

A library cafe is where you can grab all sorts of romance novels and get lost in some steamy love stories. Here are three romance novels that I recommend checking out at a library cafe this summer no matter where you traveling to:

1. The Unhoneymooners by Christina LaurenLibrary Cafe dubai

This is one of the best romances in the category and an excellent summer read.

In a completely unexpected turn of events (as things frequently do in this rom-com-style fashion), every single attendee at the wedding, including the bride and groom, gets terrible food poisoning. By the end, Olive, the bride’s sister, and Ethan, the best man, are the only two not affected. Ami, the bride, insists that Olive and Ethan go on their non-refundable honeymoon because she and her husband are too sick to go. The only issue is that Olive and Ethan despise one another. They both reluctantly agree, with the stipulation that they will avoid each other. However, a startling encounter forces Ethan and Olive to pretend to be newlyweds.

The setting is ideal. The premise is interesting. This enemies-to-lovers story is set in Hawaii and is ideal for a beach holiday. Who doesn’t like a good beach book when on vacation?


2. Beach Read by Emily HenryLibrary Cafe

In terms of romance, this is a bit of a heavier read. January, a romance writer, is in mourning following the death of her father. The new discovery of her father’s affair complicates matters. January heads to her father’s beach cottage in the seaside village of North Bear Shores, with her publisher hot on her tail for her next book. Augustus, another writer, meets her here. To break the writer’s block, Gus and January decide to trade genres, with Gus writing the next great romance novel and January literary fiction. There is romance.

This delivered what I expected of it — it was a fun, beachy read. This book contained more serious subject matter than I initially expected (January coping with the grief of losing a family member). For this reason, perhaps, if you are looking for a complete escapist read, this might not be for you. However, it was still fun and flirty — I enjoyed the ride.



3. It Happened One Summer by Tessa BaileyLibrary Cafe

Okay, buckle up. If you’re looking for a spicy book that will make you sweat (and not only because of the heat), go no further. 

This novel was inspired by Schitt’s Creek and the character Alexis Rose, and since we could all use a “little bit Alexis” in our lives, you’ll want to pick it up. Piper is a page six party girl influencer. After a little hiccup (breaking and entering a hotel pool to throw a rager to distract herself from being dumped by her boyfriend of three weeks). Piper is sent to the tranquil beach town of Westport as punishment by her producer stepfather.

Piper begins to reconnect with her roots here, learning more about her father’s family and life, and setting out with the help of gruff, brooding crab fisherman Brenden to rebuild a neighborhood pub that formerly belonged to him. 

This book featured some intriguing romance scenes and was simply enjoyable from beginning to end. One of the few five-star readings I’ve had in the last year. Fast-paced and ideal for poolside reading, with terrific character development and the perfect grumpy-sunshine cliche. 

Read more fiction; it’s good for you!

Reading fiction is good for you! It can help you to relax, unwind and escape from the stresses of everyday life. Reading fiction also allows you to learn more about other people and cultures, which can be both interesting and educational.

When it comes to learning more about yourself as well, reading fiction has some benefits too. For example, when we read a book that has characters who have similar traits or qualities as ourselves (whether positive or negative), we may feel compelled to reflect on whether these qualities are something that we want for ourselves or not. In addition to this reflection process being helpful in itself, it can also lead us down paths where we start questioning our own motives in certain situations – something that could possibly lead us into making positive changes in our lives as well!


That’s our list. There are so many amazing books out there, but these are just the tip of the iceberg! 

Even if you are not traveling this year or are a tourist in Dubai, we at Kefi library cafe Dubai have you sorted to feed your love for reading and books. 

Why go to a bookshop when you have Kefi, where you can read your favorite romance novels at your leisure. Besides books we at Kefi, offer specialty coffees as well as some cool drinks to beat the heat. 

Visit Kefi, on your next trip to Dubai and enjoy some yummy food, drinks and BOOKS!

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