10 Important Facts You Should Know About The New Library Cafe In Dubai: Kefi

Some people love books, and some people love food. At Kefi in Al Mamzar, Dubai you’ll find a little bit of both!

The best new library cafe that Dubai has to offer is by far the illusive Kefi Books & Coffee Shop. If ever there was a place to cocoon yourself with a good book and drink, this would be it. It’s the perfect spot for bibliophiles who also happen to have a sweet tooth. (Just make sure you don’t spill your tea on your favorite novel!) Here are some facts about this new cafe:

Best New Library Cafe In Dubai: Kefi, Cafe & Games

If you’re looking for a new place to hang out with friends and have fun, then Kefi! is definitely your best bet. It’s a cafe like any other except that it’s also a library, which means you can play games and read books at the same time. If you like Deception or Monopoly, then this is the place to go! People can play their favorite games while having snacks or meals together with friends. They even have less intense board games like Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza available if people don’t want something that requires high-octane action gameplay! But it still leaves you having a great time. The best part about this place? Kefi offers free wifi access so everyone can stay connected whether they’re playing on their mobile devices or laptops/desktop computers!

Books, Games, Food, AND Coffee!

Kefi! is a library, coffee shop, and board game cafe  all in one. The cafe has a large selection of books and games to lose yourself in at the premises. There are many popular board games available for customers to play while they wait for their drinks to be made or their food orders taken. The cafe also has an amazing selection of food and drink items that can be ordered. The seating area at Kefi! is divided into three sections: A large sitting area with tables; a smaller floor sitting area with colorful cushions where you can sit down with your friends or family members for some quiet time together after enjoying some delicious treats here at Kefi!.

A place where you can play games and board games with your friends.

Kefi! is a place where you can play board games with your friends. You can play Deception, Codenames, Jenga and other traditional games for a small fee. The place also has board games you can play with your family or kids such as Monopoly or Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

Play board games for a small fee.

Kefi! has a large collection of board games that can be played for a small fee, so you can enjoy some good old-fashioned fun with friends and strangers alike. This is perfect if you’re looking for something new to do during your coffee break or if you just want to get out of the house for a bit.

The cafe is run on a day to day basis by their friendly staff who have a passion for books and games.

The cafe is run by their friendly staff who have a passion for books and games. Their staff are both avid readers and game players, and they believe in bringing the best of both worlds together and for you to have the best experience. The cafe’s vision is to create a community where people can enjoy food, drinks, books and games in the company of people who share the same interests.

The cafe is divided into two sections making it the perfect spot for date night in Dubai or a girl’s night out.

Kefi! is a beautiful place to spend time with your partner or friends, and it offers two sections so you can choose the right ambiance for you. The first section has a spacious sitting area with cozy couches where you can sit down and enjoy a nice dinner, while the second section has more of an open feel with long tables that are perfect for group dinners or events. The place also serves up delicious food from their menu as well as desserts from their dessert bar. Their dishes include some mouth watering appetizers like loaded fries and chilli bombs to salads like greek salad & caesar salad to pastas such as white or red/pink pasta with you having the option to customize it to your liking of veg or with chicken.

The library cafe has an area for people who wish to stay away from the hustle bustle of the cafe whilst reading their books.

Once you have selected a book you want to read or the book you bought, or borrowed from the library, there is an area where you can sit and read your book or listen to music without being disturbed by what’s happening in the main area of the cafe.

The cafe serves coffee, tea, and amazing freak shakes.

The cafe serves coffee, tea and some irresistible freak shakes. In addition to being a library it also doubles up as a cafe and has a variety of drinks to choose from. They serve coffee as well as tea that is served with a smile by the staff. Kefi! is famous for its cakes which are baked fresh every day by their pastry chefs.

Comfortable lounge couches are also available in the library section which is perfect for those who wish to just relax and read or listen to music.

Lounge couches are also available  which is perfect for those who wish to just relax and read or listen to music. The cafe also has board games, so if you’re a gamer then Kefi! is the place for you! As far as food goes, Kefi! offers a variety of dishes that are made from fresh ingredients cooked by their chefs. Dishes include the asian platter, pizza, burgers and salads. You can choose from a selection of drinks including freshly brewed coffee and tea based beverages such as spice chai latte or cappuccino (made using different types of milk according to your preference). 

The library cafe also hosts book readings, literary events, game nights and more!

In addition to the extensive list of books they offer, Kefi! also hosts book signings and literary events. These events enable you to meet like minded people and discuss your favorite books. If you’re a big fan of poetry, you can attend an event where one or more poets will perform their work live at the library cafe. Kefi!’s game nights are another popular event that draws crowds from all over Dubai. The library cafe has board games like Monopoly, Jenga and Codenames on display for customers to borrow for a small fee to use during these evenings as well as regular ones where players compete against each other in different challenges set up by organizers. This is a great way for anyone looking for some friendly competition without having to travel far from home!

This cafe is the best of both worlds-a good book and good food. It’s perfect for gamers too!

Kefi! is a great place for all kinds of people, including those who like to read, and those who like to play games. It’s perfect for gamers since they have an amazing selection of board games. And if you want to chill with a good book? They have that too!

This is the perfect spot in the city with everything that you could news under one roof!

Kefi Books & Coffee is the ultimate cafe for book lovers and gamers alike. The best part is that it’s not just a library, they have board games too! This place will be sure to keep you entertained whilst enjoying great food.

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